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The 1D CCD Barcode Scanner is a scanner that uses a Charged Coupled Device (CCD) sensor to read barcodes. It is suitable for reading 1D barcodes. This type of scanner typically uses a visible light source or infrared light to illuminate the barcode, and then uses a CCD sensor to capture and decode the barcode image. The advantage of 1D CCD barcode scanners over other scanners is that they are suitable for simple barcodes, are relatively inexpensive and are often used in environments such as retail and inventory management. However, it should be noted that 1D CCD barcode scanners have limited ability to recognise irregularly shaped, damaged or blurred barcodes and are not suitable for use in complex environments.

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We are a professional manufacturer dedicated to producing high-quality 1D CCD scanners. Our products cover 1D scanners of various types and specifications. Whether your needs are for retail, medical, warehousing or logistics industries, we can provide you with the perfect solution.

In addition, the professional technicians in our team pay great attention to the performance of the scanner, and constantly upgrade and innovate to meet the changing needs of customers. We are committed to providing the best service and support to ensure that every customer has the best experience possible.

Meet with OEM & ODM orders

Fast delivery, MOQ 1 unit acceptable

12-36 months warranty, 100% quality inspection, RMA≤1%

High-tech enterprise, dozen of patents for design and utility 

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Simplify barcode scanning with our 1D CCD scanner. Its powerful technology scans barcodes quickly and accurately, saving you time and simplifying your operations.Such as:MJ2816,MJ2840 etc.

If you have any interest or query during the selection or use of any bar code scanner, please Click the link below send your inquiry to our official mail   (admin@minj.cn) directly! MINJCODE is committed to the research and development of bar code scanner technology and application equipment, our company has 14 years of industry experience in the professional fields, and has been highly recognized by the majority of customers!

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CCD 1d barcode scanner Reviews

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Customer Support and Services

A. Pre-Sales Consultation We offer a comprehensive product consultation service to help customers better understand our products and services. Our pre-sales consulting services include the following

 1. product introduction: introducing our products and their usage scenarios;

 2. technical support: providing technical solutions and advice;

 3. quotation: providing a detailed quotation;

 4.Samples: providing samples for customers to test and verify;

 5.Other: providing personalised pre-sales consulting services according to the specific needs of our customers.

B. After-Sales Service We provide a comprehensive after-sales service to ensure that our customers receive appropriate technical and service support when using our products. Our after-sales service includes the following aspects:

 1. Technical support: we provide remote or on-site technical support for problems reported by our customers;

 2.Warranty service: we provide customers with a 1-2 year warranty service;

 3.Maintenance service: we provide repair, replacement or return service for products with quality problems;

Our customer support and service team consists of a group of experienced and highly professional engineers who are able to solve problems quickly and effectively and provide the best possible service to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What’s CCD barcode scanner?

The CCD (Change Coupled Device) scanner uses a flood light source of light emitting diodes to illuminate the entire bar code, and then maps the bar code symbol onto the detector array composed of photoelectric diodes through the plane mirror and grating, completes the photoelectric conversion by the detector, and then the circuit system collects signals from each photoelectric diode in the detector array in turn to identify the bar code symbol and complete the scanning.

What are the benefits of a 1D CCD barcode scanner?

One of the main advantages of using a 1D CCD barcode scanner is the speed and accuracy with which it can read barcodes. It's also less expensive and lasts longer than other types of barcode scanners.

What are the limitations of 1D CCD barcode scanners?

1D CCD barcode scanners may not be suitable for reading other types of barcodes, such as 2D barcodes or QR codes. It's also not ideal for scanning at long distances or in low light conditions.

Can the 1D CCD barcode scanner be connected to a computer or mobile device?

Yes, the 1D CCD barcode scanner can be connected to a computer or mobile device via USB, Bluetooth or other wireless connection.

Which industries commonly use 1D CCD barcode scanners?

Industries such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics often use 1D CCD barcode scanners for inventory management, tracking and supply chain management.

How do 1D CCD barcode scanners compare to 2D barcode scanners?

1D CCD barcode scanners can only read 1D barcodes, whereas 2D barcode scanners can read 1D, 2D barcodes and screen codes. 2D barcode scanners are usually more expensive and may require more processing power.

Scenarios for 1D CCD barcode scanners

The CCD 1D  barcode scanner is suitable for a variety of scenarios including supermarket retail, logistics and warehousing, and food service. Below are some specific descriptions of the applicable scenarios:

 1. Supermarket Retail: In supermarket retail, the  CCD barcode scanner can be used to quickly scan product barcodes for price and stock enquiries. The scanner is easy to use and is ideal for high volume retail environments. 

2. Logistics and warehousing: In logistics and warehousing, the 1D CCD barcode scanner is typically used to scan the barcode of boxes or goods to quickly determine the origin and destination of goods to ensure the smooth flow of the logistics supply chain.

3. Food service: In the field of food service, the barcode on the menu is usually scanned by the 1D CCD barcode scanner to realise the wireless ordering and payment function and improve the service efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Overall, the 1D CCD barcode scanner is an easy-to-use, economical and widely applicable scanner that can play an important role in various industries and work environments.


Working with Us: A Breeze!

1. Demand communication:

Customers and manufacturers to communicate their needs, including functionality, performance, color, logo design, etc.

2.Making samples:

The manufacturer makes a sample machine according to the customer's needs, and the customer confirms whether it meets the requirements.

3. Customized production:

Confirm that the sample meets the requirements and the manufacturer starts to produce barcode scanners.


4. Quality inspection:

After the production is completed, the manufacturer will check the quality of the bar code scanner to ensure that it meets the customer's requirements.

5. Shipping packaging:

According to customer requirements for packaging, choose the optimal transport route.

6. After-sales service:

We will respond within 24 hours if any problem occurs during the use of the customer.

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Peple Also ASK?

What types of barcodes can a 1D CCD barcode scanner read?

1D CCD barcode scanners can read most types of 1D barcodes such as UPC, EAN, Code 39, Code 128MSI and Interleaved 2 of 5.

How can I troubleshoot if my 1D CCD barcode scanner is not working properly?

Please refer to your scanner's user manual for troubleshooting tips. If the problem persists, please contact the manufacturer's customer support for further assistance.

What is the difference between a 1D CCD barcode scanner and a laser barcode scanner?

A 1D CCD barcode scanner uses a CCD sensor to capture barcode information, while a laser barcode scanner uses a laser beam to read the barcode. CCD scanners are typically slower than laser scanners, but are more accurate and reliable.

What are common accessories for 1D CCD barcode scanners?

Common accessories for 1D CCD barcode scanners include brackets, cables and protective covers: Common accessories for 1D CCD barcode scanners include manuals and cables.

What is the price range for your 1D CCD barcode scanners?

Our 1D CCD barcode scanners are competitively priced from $15 to $25 depending on model and features.

Do your 1D CCD barcode scanners have any certifications or industry standards?

Our 1D CCD barcode scanners have FCC, CE and RoHS certifications etc.

Can your 1D CCD barcode scanners be customised to meet specific requirements?

Yes, we offer customised solutions to meet specific customer requirements such as customised logos, colours, appearance or hardware features.